Brenda Begley

Lee County Care & Rehab


The words community service and Brenda Begley go hand in hand. Brenda has outpoured her heart and extended her hands over the past 50 years as a resident of Beattyville. Brenda grew up in the rural area of Big Andy Ridge. Being raised in the middle of four siblings hard work, sharing and caring only came natural for Brenda.
Brenda first became known in Beattyville as a friendly face at the local deli. She would later gain recognition as the commonwealth attorney’s secretary, Green Thumb employee and as a Mary Kay Director.
While working for Green Thumb, a company who finds jobs for people 55 and older who needed to get back into the workforce, she advanced quickly and went above and beyond with participants. She got to know them on a personal level. She was their helping hand and listening ear, while making sure they had everything they needed to get back into the workforce—even if she had to pay for things out of her own pocket.
Brenda has never been a stranger to hard work and volunteering her time. For many years Brenda was an advocate for Habitat for Humanity. She would organize fundraisers, help in the organization of volunteers. More often than not, you’d find Brenda with her work boots on helping build the houses for low income families.
As a Mary Kay director, she would often provide make-up services at no cost for prom goers, brides to be, and high school Seniors.
Brenda has always been a helping hand in any and all fundraisers that go on in the community, including Relay for Life and school related trips. When a tragedy strikes the community Brenda doesn’t think twice, before donating her time, money, or items to those in need.
In more recent years Brenda has ran a store out of her home, The Basement Store. Often, Brenda donates a percentage of her sales to local groups and organizations. This past summer, through the Basement Store, Brenda helped the Lee County archery team raise enough money to go to Orlando. You will also find Brenda on any and all committees that contribute to the growth and well-being of Beattyville as a whole, including Beattyville Housing and the Downtown Beattyville Alliance.
The Lee Co Care and Rehab had the pleasure of getting to know Brenda’s mother, Vaner as she was a resident for many years before her passing. While her mother was in the facility, Brenda volunteered at various events and continues to stop by and visit the residents when she can.
Brenda is the type of person who makes you want to be a better person because of her caring heart and go-getter spirit. I’m confident in saying that Beattyville is a better community because of Brenda Begley.

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