Douglas Lewis

Signature Healthcare of Bloomsburg
Teacher in the Military- Loving Husband- Great Friend


Doug was born on April 16, 1930 in Teaneck New Jersey. He grew up in Berwick Pa. He graduated from Berwick High School in 1948. He then joined the Marine Corp shortly after that in July. He spent 7.5 years in the Marine Corps as a Sniper Coach and Instructor. After his time in the service he went to work for TRW in 1952 where he was a machinist-set up man, He left TRW after 33 years. He then finished his work life up at Textron where he retired in 1991.
Doug met his wife Darlene after his time spent in the Marines. Doug worked with Darlene’ s husband at Textron, who had passed away. Doug then began asking Darlene for dates, Darlene wouldn’t give him the time of the day as she was busy taking care of her grandson. Long story short Doug got his way and Darlene went on a date with him and two years later they were married. Doug says the best thing that has ever happened to him is marrying Darlene. After Doug retired he and Darlene spent time Traveling. They visited every state in the U.S except for two.

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