Ernestine Lee

Signature HealthCARE of Roanoke Rapids
Was a teacher's assistant for over 20 years where she dedicated her life to loving and teaching children with special needs.


Ernestine Lee was born and raised in Littleton, North Carolina. She was the oldest of six! Ernestine dedicated her life to teaching children with special needs and was the teacher’s assistant at Halifax County School for over 20 years. Teaching and helping others has always been her calling.
Ernestine is also a member of South Street Missionary Baptist Church. Not only is she a member there, but she is the “mother of the church”. All of her life she has committed her time and energy into mission work within the church. As said before, teaching and helping others has always been her calling.
Ernestine had seven children of her own, one whom has went on to be with the Lord and the others who are still living today. She had 3 girls and 4 boys. Ms. Ernestine can easily be described as a wonderful mother! With the seven children of her own, came 15 grandchildren and even more great grandchildren. Just as she loved her children whole heartedly, she loves her grandchildren also. God, family, and church family are Ms. Ernestine’s pride and joy.
Ernestine has always shined the light and love of Jesus with everyone she encounterd, and she continues to do the same here at Signature HealthCare.

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