Esther Burkhard

Liberty Care and Rehabilitation Center

Business manager of The Casey County News for three decades

Centenarian who loved children music and culture

Piano teacher to many children



Esther Burkhard was born on December 7, 1912 in Saint Joseph, Missouri and was 101 when she passed away on August 9, 2014.

As the business manager for The Casey County News, she and her husband, who was the editor and publisher for the paper, helped build the paper’s circulation from 2,200 subscriptions to 6,200 in less than thirty years. Esther was well educated and well loved by the community.

Esther had two children, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Her love of children extended beyond her own family. She taught piano to many children in the community and did not accept payment for the lessons.

She was the treasurer for Little People Day Care Center and regularly volunteered her time there. Esther mentored many children in the community encouraging them to experience the arts and learn about other cultures.

Esther loved birds and flowers. Those who knew her recall that her yard had many bird feeders and numerous flowers of various colors. Our Signature family knew Esther the last two years of her life and we were significantly influenced by her grace and love.

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