Fred Hawkins

Kenilworth Care & Rehabilitation Center

Professional golfer

Played in the PGA tour for 18 years

Won three professional tournaments



Fred Hawkins was born in 1923 and grew up in Antioch, Illinois.  Fred attended Waukegan High and played basketball and golf for his high school Alma mata.  Fred went on to attend The University of Illinois but dropped out, and enlisted in the Army during WWII.  Fred would serve 3 ½ years as an MP in the Army serving in France, Germany and England.  After his service in the Army had ended Fred became a professional golfer and played on the PGA tour for the next 18 years.  Fred would finish third in his very first professional tournament the 1947 Texas PGA Open.  Fred would go on to win three professional tournaments, and played in the 1957 Ryder Cup in England.  During his professional career Fred would play against the greats of golf including Ben Hogan whom he lost to in an 18 hole playoff at the Colonial.  Fred would again lose to Arnold Palmer by one stroke in the 58’ Masters.  In all Fred has played in Twenty Two major golf championships.  Fred retired from golf in 1965, until an up and coming Senior tour division came along in the 80’s.  Fred continues to play the Senior tour now known as The Champions Tour as health allows.

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