Fredrick Shaser

Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center

Olympic team member in 1962

U.S. Army Veteran

Masonic Lodge Member



Fredrick S. Schaser was born on July 3, 1925 and passed away at age 89 in August, 2014. Born in New Jersey, he lived a rich and varied life and somehow compacted two lifetimes into one. He was a resident at our facility on two different occasions.

Married twice, he was the father of five daughters with 7 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. His beloved family was a constant source of joy for him.
Fred was in the United States Army where he retired after 21 years with a rank of MES E7.

He was active in World War II and in Korea. He branched out and went to TVA after Army life; he eventually retired from there as well. He was awarded his GED while being in the service.

A crack shot, Fred was involved in the Olympics in Cairo, Egypt in 1962 where he placed third best in the world as a pistol shooter. He led his team to an overall third place award; he was well known everywhere for his superb marksmanship.

Selling cars was a riveting interest of Mr. Schaser’s and he was employed as a car salesman at Roy Phelps Ford for numerous years. He was an active Masonic Lodge member and loved playing bass guitar in a musical group called “The Challengers.”

Faith was an intricate part of his character and Baptist principles dominated his life. Work ethics, love of country, and dedication to duty and family made Fred Schaser a larger than life accomplished hero of his time. As such we remember him respectfully and honorably.

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