Glen White

Fountain Circle Care & Rehabilitation Center

Founder of Glenway lodge

Six years of military service




Glen White was born April 2, 1926 at Colby Tavern in Clark County to his parents Allen Patty White and Edith Devary White. He lived there for 18 years. Mr. White has three brothers and four sisters who were all born there as well. Mr. White attended 1st and 2nd grade at Bean School in Clark County on Colby Road. He also attended 8 years at Beckerville School and then continued his education at the Old Clark County High School.

He was drafted by the Army in 1945, where he served his country for 6 years. After he discharged from the Army he married Margaret Ann Carol in 1962. Together they had three children, two boys and one girl. Mr. White worked for the Winchester Cable Company for 10 years and was also a farmer. He also worked at the Clark County Hospital as an orderly on the evening shift.

He founded Glenway Lodge Inc., on January 1, 1968. Together with his brother, Doug White, they built Glenway Lodge, and it is known today as Fountain Circle Care & Rehabilitation Center. During his 15 years at Glenway Lodge he touched the lives of many people and stories of his kindness and willingness to help his employees grow, learn, and become who they are today are still told and passed on to those that do not know him. Mr. White has served on many boards in Clark County including the Cemetery Board, Magistrate Board, and State Representative Board. Mr. White enjoys beekeeping and gardening and is a valued member of this community.

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