Glenn Creselious

Signature HealthCARE of Fentress County
Commander of Jamestown American Legion Chapter ; Distinguished Vietnam War Veteran ; Local Brick Mason For 40 Years


Glenn Luther Creselious was born June 21st, 1947 in Jamestown, TN to Elvie and John Baptist (J.B.) Creselious. Glenn was the oldest of four children, including Jerry, Patricia, and Ronnie. As a young man, Glenn could often be found fishing as often as he could – something he still enjoys doing to this day. He would also find himself working in the garden harvesting tomatoes and corn with his family. Growing up, Glenn didn’t care much for school and only completed an 8th grade education.

After completing the 8th grade in 1963, Glenn moved to Muncie, IN to work in a factory. He had to lie about his age to get the job, but it worked! Three years later, Glenn was drafted into the Army. Glenn served in the Vietnam War from 1967 – 1968 and finished out his time in the Army at Ft. Hood, TX. To this day, Glenn is an advocate for the better treatment of Vietnam-era Vetrans and feels honored to have served his country in this capacity.

After leaving the Army in 1968, he moved back to Jamestown, TN and married his wife, Chestene. They have been happily married since. Glenn moved one last time to Annapolis, IN for a year before permanently returning to Jamestown. He returned to school to learn brick masonry which was paid for by the GI Bill. Glenn worked as a local mason for over 40 years before retiring at the age of 61.

Although retired, Glenn currently keeps himself busy with the American Legion. He and several founding members helped establish the Jamestown, TN chapter of the American Legion, in which he has served as Commander since 2009. Glenn also sings in a traveling church group called the Crossroad Singers, with whom he’s been a member for over 50 years.

Glenn currently enjoys cooking, fishing, and spending time with his wife, step-son Roger, and daughter Fatena. We thank Glenn Creselious for his outstanding service to our country and community.

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