Larue Penman

Signature Healthcare of Bloomsburg
Private First Class- Loving Husband- Loving Father


Larue was born in 1942, Bloomsburg Pa. He was one of five siblings. Growing up Larue was always close with his friends who he ran around with hanging out in places such as Pittsburgh Pa. Larue left High School in 10th grade to join the Army. He was stationed in Florida, where he met his best friend Sandy who was from Texas. Larue never did enjoy kitchen duties when he was in the army. Larue served a total of 2 years. He then was set up on a blind date through two of his friends which is how he met his wife Betty. Betty didn’t like Larue on their first date as he acted like he had a lot of money, although Betty couldn’t refuse when Larue asked her on another date the next day, They went on to get married on May 10th, 1952. Larue and Betty had one girl Linda, one boy, Dennis, who he had fallen in love with instantly. When Larue Retired from the State Hospital him and wife Betty went on two cruises and went to Myrtle Beach once a year for a month at a time.

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