Mary Beckman

Signature Healthcare of Cherokee Park
Local Business Owner, "Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults” Sponsor, led St. Francis of Assisi “Renew” program


Mary Beckman was born in Dayton, Ohio on May 5, 1921. From a young age, Mary had a strong interest and talent for art. While in elementary school she was offered an opportunity to attend the Dayton Art Institute to pursue her interest. Shortly after, she moved to Louisville with her family and attended Atherton High School. She met and fell in love with her husband of forty-seven years, Eugene. Together they began their lives in Louisville, establishing a successful business (Beckman Novelty Company) and raising a loving family consisting of five wonderful children. As the foundation of the household, Mary continued to utilize her talents for arts and crafts. She enjoyed sewing clothes for her children and refinishing furniture to decorate her home. Mary also had a strong sense of faith that she instilled in her children, as well as in her local community. As a long-time member of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, she actively participated in the “Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults” program. As a sponsor in this program, Mary would guide individuals interested in the Catholic faith along their spiritual journey of becoming a member of the Church. Another one of her roles in the Saint Francis Community was as a teacher. She routinely led and participated in the parish’s “Renew” program, in which she would discuss Scripture and Catholic teachings.
There are many things throughout her life that Mary is proud of, but the one thing that outshines them all is her family. She is delighted in being the matriarch of a family consisting of five successful children and two beautiful grandchildren. Nothing has given her more joy or satisfaction than being a part of each of their lives and seeing them grow and achieve their own personal accomplishments.

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