Mary Ellen Curtis-McConatha

Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute
*Devoted and loving mother *Artist *Performing Arts


Mary Ellen was born on December 20, 1946 in Columbus, Indiana to George and Thelma Redmon. She was raised in Columbus and went to Columbus High and graduated in 1965. She spent her High School years being involved in performing arts as she displayed her talents in the Debuteens, which was a singing group made up of all girls, as well as being involved in Concert Choir and the Playhouse.

Mary started college in 1965. She then met her husband and was married in 1967. Mary and her husband had many struggles as he was a Navy man and he spent a great amount of time away from his family. During these years, they were blessed with two sons and one daughter.

In 1979, the marriage ended and Mary had to find her own way in life. She returned to ISU and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Service. She had always been a caring individual and now she was able to step in and really make a difference where help was needed. She started working with people with addictions and her main focus was Mothers with children.

After retiring from Social Work, she became very involved with her church, where she continued to share her music and her faith. Mary also started painting pictures. Her talent was very apparent and some of her beautiful pictures can be seen in her room at Signature.

Mary is a soft spoken and shy woman, but you can be assured that she is a strong woman with a heart of gold and the fortitude to let nothing stand in her way.

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