Maynard Arnold

Lee County Care & Rehabilitation Center

Member of the Greatest Generation

Served in the U.S. Marine Corp

Retired from National Twist Drill and Tool Company



Maynard “Hap” Arnold was born in Stover, Michigan to the late Alva and Mable Kitchen Arnold on December 1, 1925. He was second eldest in his family of three brothers and on sister.

Maynard is remembered as being excellent to all his siblings. His sister Norene states, “He was a wonderful person. Never a cross word between us.”

Maynard was extremely proud of his service to the United States Marine Corp. Mr. Arnold would often recall his time of active duty as some of the best of his life.

Maynard fought in World War II and was stationed at Bikini Atoll where numerous nuclear devices were detonated in air or under water. Maynard blamed his poor health on this fact, but would not have changed his circumstances for anything.

In 1949, Maynard married his Norma. Maynard would speak about Norma as if she were his Angel on this Earth. Maynard and Norma built their life together in Rochester, Michigan. Maynard retired from National Twist Drill and Tool Company in plant security in Rochester, Michigan.

After retirement, Maynard and Norma moved to Filmore, Kentucky. This community remembers both Maynard and Norma fondly for their generosity and kindness. Maynard and Norma had no biological children, but they loved their community and would bring gifts to their neighbors.

One neighbor reflects, “There weren’t two more deserving people on this Earth. Hap and Norma were the real deal. Maynard and Norma made sure no one went without if they could help it.”

Maynard spent his last years as a resident at Lee County Care and Rehabilitation Center where he was loved by everyone that had the honor to meet him. Maynard was fiercely protective of his “girls” and often counseled them on life and love.

To Maynard, there was nothing more important than treating each other with respect and honesty. If Maynard thought it, he said it with no conviction. Maynard was a father, grandfather, and great grandfather to many of the lives he touched.

If Maynard loved you, he would fight a grizzly bear and win every time. Maynard passed at the age of 88 on Monday June 23, 2014. He is survived by one brother, Al, and one sister, Norene, and many other loving family members, community members, and friends.

Maynard wasn’t just a resident, he was family. Maynard’s passing left a mark on his caregivers, family and friends. Maynard changed the lives for the people who knew him. He now rests peacefully beside his Norma on his own piece of paradise in the country

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