Mildred Libby

Signature Healthcare of Palm Beach
Art Collector World Traveler Professor & Doctorate of Psycholgy


Mildred was born in Pennsylvania,& enjoyed her childhood with a loving family Mildred eventually moved to Connecticut & there she met her husband Alfred. Mildred received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology while Alfred received a Doctorate in Psychiatry. Both were Professor’s at VAH Connecticut & Mildred later in St Petersburg Florida where she eventually retired. Mildred enjoyed being a wife and Professor. Alfred served in the Army for 3 years. Mildred & Alfred have no children and spent their off time traveling the world. Some of her favorite countries she & Alfred explored are China, Israel, Europe & Australia. Another of Mildred & Alfred’s favorite places to visit was Santa Fe in the summer. There they would enjoy concerts, art galleries & museums. Mildred loved collecting art & family say visiting Mildred’s home was like going to a beautiful art gallery & museum. Mildred & Alfred were also gourmet cooks & loved cooking together & entertaining. Mildred & Alfred came to Signature in 2016 from The Carlisle where they stayed together until he passed in December 2016.

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