Pauline Page

Standing Stone Care & Rehab
Acomplished artist, educator, and entrepreneur.


Pauline “Polly” Page is an accomplished artist, educator, and entrepreneur. Her artwork has been recognized and displayed by governors, as well as, famous actresses and musicians. Polly’s most accomplished creations were skillfully carved, wooden dolls that can be found throughout the world today. When Polly was a young girl, she was influenced by The Craft Shop program at Pleasant Hill Academy in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee. Crafting became a life-long passion for Polly. After she graduated from high school, married and started her family, Polly continued to hand craft wooden dolls, wall plaques, and unique pieces of art. She built a shop close to her home and invited the world to visit. She used her shop as a platform to educate the community and promote her craft. Eventually Polly’s shop became an attraction for fellow artists and art-lovers alike. As an educator and advocate of her craft, Polly successfully commissioned state and federal art guilds to have her community craft program recognized. Standing Stone is proud to have Pauline “Polly” Page as member of our community.

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