Richard DeClue

Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute
*Served 10 years in the Navy, including two tours in Vietnam,*Embraces his Indian heritage through art, *Travelled with a carnival in his youth.


Richard was born on June 13th, 1950 in Potosi, Missouri to Nancy Imogene and Eugene Clinton DeClue. Richard grew up with 10 siblings and in his opinion, he was the most rambunctious of them all. He spent a large portion of his school years in Missouri, but he also moved around quite a bit as his family was employed by a carnival. He has many interesting stories of his time travelling around with the carnival and these stories always bring a smile to his face.
Richard spent a brief amount of time in the Peace Corp, then at 17 he joined the United States Navy. He was given the honor of serving abroad the USS America Aircraft Carrier (CVA66) as Jet Aviator Fuel Technician. He proudly served his country for 10 years, including 2 tours in Vietnam.
It was while stationed at Norfolk, VA. in 1970 that he met his wife Peggy. Richard brought two sons to the marriage and they were blessed with two girls. They have many grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Richard has strong ties to his heritage, as his mother was Irish and Seminole Indian and his father was French Canadian and Cree Indian. During his adult life, he began to learn more about his ancestry and he became very interested in creating art that reflected this heritage. He has made paintings, wood carvings and worked with leather to make art that reflects his culture.
Richard is a man of many talents and a diverse cultural background. He has taken a great joy is sharing his past and culture with others.

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