Richard Franzson

Harriman Care & Rehabilitation Center

Served in the Navy

Radar technician

Partnered with his father in family painting business



Mr. Franzson grew up in western New Jersey during the depression. He was the youngest of five children. He grew up wanting to join the military and was always playing “war games” with his friends. Richard has also reached the level of Eagle Scout through his participation with the Boy Scouts of America.

When Mr. Franzson went to join the Marine Corp. in 1947, he went to 90 Church Street, where his nephew had told the recruiters to deny him entrance for his own protection. Richard simply went down one floor of the building and joined the Navy.

Mr. Franzson served in the Navy for four years. He served during the Korean Defensive Action, which later became known as the Korean War. His primary role was a role of high security and prestige.

He spent most days in the CIC (Combat Information Center), serving in the capacity of a radar technician. At that point in time, radar was just becoming an important way for prevention of attack. Richard often deployed units when he identified an issue on the radar.

After his military service, Richard returned home and joined his father in the family business as a partner. This business was known as the Franzson Painting Company, a well-known and predominant company in New York and New Jersey.

They did all types of painting including industrial, commercial, and residential areas. Together, they painted at Harvard shipyards and did extensive work with Veterans Services and hundreds of others.

Richard has married three times and has two boys, Ricky and Glenn, and a daughter, Denise, as well as a slew of grandchildren. We are honored to induct Mr. Richard Franzson into the Signature HealthCARE Hall of Fame.

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