Robert Holley

Fountain Circle Care & Rehabilitation Center

Founded Kentucky Horse Park

31 Publications in Human Research at UK

Horse breeder



Robert Holley was born is Syracuse, New York on August 21st, 1941 to James Holley and Constance Hedge Holley. James Holley was a colonel in the US Army and Constance Holley was a homemaker for Robert and his two brothers.

Robert attended 1st grade in Japan and has lived many places due to his father’s military duties. Robert married Kay in 1970, and together have one child Robert Holley II. Robert is much proud of his son Rob, who is a teacher and a professional volleyball coach for the team “The Wave” in Jacksonville, FL.

Early in his career Robert was a steeplechase rider. He then managed Wintergreen Farms for 30 years in Midway Ky. During this time, Robert bread “Timber County” and “Prince of Thieves” which were horses in the Kentucky Derby.

Robert was a member of the Farm Managers Association and suggested and idea for a model farm that the public could visit. He served as the chair of this government funded committee to create this farm and it was called the Holley Farm Project.

This became what is known today as the Kentucky Horse Park. Robert earned his masters of microbiology and was a research analyst at the University of Kentucky for fifteen years. During that time he had 31 publications in Human Research at UK.

Robert enjoys spending his days here talking about horses, watching UK basketball, action movies, and westerns.

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