Rosemary Dent

Signature Healthcare of Bloomsburg
Professsional Nurse- Community Involvement- Loving Mother/ Grandmother


Rosemary was born on February 7th 1920. She was married with 3 children. One of her most memorable moments was making the decision to be a Nurse in Center City Philadelphia. She spent 3 years at Frankfort Hospital in Philadelphia, then moved on to become the Director of Nursing at the Dent Nursing home, which she owned. She was also a member of the Lighstreet United Methodist Church. Some more of her great accomplishments include being a part of the Lightstreet Homemakers Club, being a member of The Recycled Teenagers Club and A Catawese Eastern Star and last but not least she will always be known for her famous Sugar Cookies.
Later in life Rosemary retired and lived a simple but full life as a farmers wife.

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