Susan Laws

Anchor Care and Rehab Center
Commissioned and Ordained Pastor 1980 serving in 9 Appointments. Manager in Missouri.


Susan Jean Laws was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey in 1948. Early in life she learned to get along with others and developed a keen sense of teamwork as she had 12 siblings. She graduated Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, New Jersey. She and her husband, Gary entered The Salvation Army College for Officers Training in Chicago, Illinois. They were Commissioned and Ordained in June 1980. As Pastors in the Salvation Army, they served in nine church appointments throughout the Midwestern United States.
While in charge of The Salvation Army in Carthage, Missouri, Susan was asked by Mr. Sam Butcher, Creator and Founder of the Precious Moments Figurine Company to be the model for his upcoming Salvation Army figurine which later would be sold internationally through Hallmark and many other stores.
On a personal note, she and her husband raised 5 children andhas 23 granchildren.
Susan’s years of service with The Salvation Army enabled her to design and implement countless womens and childrens programs over 35 yeats of service as an emplyee, officer and volunteer of that organization. Due to illness it was necessary for Susan to leave active ministry in 2008. Susan remains very active within her new environment. She is very social and always tries to help others.

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