Tillie Tell

The Bridge at Monteagle
Writing Poems


Tillie Tell was born in Hamtramck, Michigan. When she was 11 years old she moved to Harvey, Illinois and then at 19 she moved to Nashville, TN. Tillie has a son, Teddy Houston Williams, Jr., and two grandchildren, Alexandra Victoria and Abigail Lanna. She also has one great-grandchild, Serenity Hope.

Tillie started her writing career in 1994. Tillie has had a 71 page book printed of her poems. Her family was very honored to receive a copy. Tillie has had poems printed in the Winchester Herald Chronicle. She has written over 700 poems since then, and is inspired to add to her collection. Tillie has posted her poems on the internet and submitted several to the Library of Congress.

Another of Tillie’s many accomplishments and talents are writing stories. Tillie has been a host to the local radio stations to share her stories with listeners. She is also a song writer and has had many of her songs recorded. Tillie enjoys listening to her songs on CD. She feels very blessed by God to have these talents.

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