Whittier Sengstacke

Signature HealthCARE at Saint Francis

Born in Chicago, Illinois

Received his duel degrees in speech and in journalism



Mr. Sengstacke is a very gifted writer and editor who worked in such capacities for the Chicago Defender. After studying at Tennessee State University, Mr. Sengstacke returned to his native Chicago to pursue his professional career.

Mr. Sengstacke remembers his coverage of the Emmitt Till story for the Tri-State Defender in Memphis in 1955.

As an African-American journalist during the civil rights era, Mr. Sengstacke was a privileged witness to the fears, struggles and dangers for the protesters, the media and countless others involved.

Along with his career in journalism, Mr. Sengstacke wrote and performed in stage play throughout the Chicagoland area.

He is most proud to have been born into a family of great writers and for the opportunity to complete his education with two degrees at a time when equal access to higher education was not a given.

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