William “Bill” Beasley

Signature Healthcare of Chillicothe

Published works of fiction


Qualified Marksmen ROTC



William Beasley is Signature Healthcare of Chillicothe’s resident author. He was an electrician by trade from Greenville, Ohio. He has two wonderful children who love and support his writing. William Beasley was born and raised in a small hamlet in west central Ohio. At age 18 he left home and went to Xavier University in Cincinnati. He and his deceased wife Linda “Charlie” Beasley shared a fascination with the written word which spurred his love of writing. There is nothing he likes better than scaring his family and friends out of several days sleep. William “BIll” also has published articles in several newspapers on Criminal Intent as well as short stories in popular men’s magazines. Bill was also the recipient of the Distinguished Marksmen award in the ROTC. William loves to enjoy life and refuses to slow down even now; although he does take time out for his writing. William says he was nervous about leaving his family and coming into a facility but since he has been here he has received such wonderful care that it has made his life much less scary then his book and it has afforded him the time to devote to his works. “The care and attention from the people here has been amazing; this is a wonderful place” William stated in our interview.

He has one published work on Amazon titled “The Spectrum of Revenge.” William has sold many books and has had several opportunities for book signings since he has published his first work. William is currently working on his second book in the Spectrum series titled “Gator Bait”. William says his inspiration for “Gator Bait” came from a leisurely trip to the Cincinnati Zoo where he witnessed alligators at feeding time. “They will tear you up, they are ferocious” he said. William then began researching them and found that they have wonderful memories and will hold a grudge, and that is about all he would give regarding his next work. It has been said that his novel needs no bookmarkers, because there is no place you will want to stop. “Loved the book! It would make a great movie…I cannot wait for the next one” says Jackie Vangundy. The first chapter of “The Spectrum of Revenge” gives the reader a false sense of security that soon grips you and commands your total attention. “It is said that Revenge controls one’s response to adversity and the conscience limits revenge; unless it’s dead.”

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